Playskool Showcam 2-in-1 Digital Camera and Projector

playskool showcamLooking for a Christmas gift for your children or for your nieces, friend’s kids, try something that kids will love to have, a Playskool camera. Then they got to play like grownups do. They will be very happy, you know kids’ favorite game, playing imitating grownups. And not only just playing, who knows, there might be some keen photography talent hiding, waiting to be found. Hasbro has put Playskool camera out to the market, and it pretty much liked. Available in two color schemes, grey and blue on the shoulder, lens circles with bright green color. Or white, purple on the shoulder, dark blue at the side, lens accentuated in bright pink.

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Maybe you are a bit skeptic, buying camera for children, what if it’s broken. Don’t’ worry Playskool Showcam camera is designed especially for children, it is built with a sturdy case. Playskool Showcam 2-in-1 Digital Camera and Projector, why 2-in-1 you might ask. 2-in-1 is because of the double functions, as a digital camera also as a projector. Easy to operate, suitable for age ranges from 3 to 7 years. Equipped with more than 50 Silly effects, stamps and sound, short stories, animations. Built-in editing software, no additional editing software needed. Storage capacities of 1,000 pictures. Print and email pictures via USB cable, not included in the package though.

Playskool Camera Review : Children range of age is 3-7 years

Playskool Showcam 2-in-1 Digital Camera and Projector is designed for children between 3 to 7 years old. It was built with a sturdy case. Unlike regular cameras, Playskool Showcam did not equipped with fragile parts in it, so not worry if your kid drops it from time to time. It is not ruined so easily. Playskool also equipped with a hand strap, an additional prevention against dropping it. The size of Playskool Showcam is just right for children within the age range to grip. Control buttons are so simple, designed with the purpose so that children can easily operate the camera and explore their creativity in photography.

Camera Functionplayskool showcam 3

Playskool Showcam can function as a camera and as a projector. Just one touch on a Silly button to switch in between the two functions. On the camera function, children can snap pictures freely. Without additional memory card, Playskool camera can store approximately 1000 pictures. It is said approximately because the number of pictures the camera can store depends mainly on the resolution of each picture taken. Resolution is not as high as regular camera, but it is passable, at least as children toys, the resolution is good enough.  When the pictures are already taken and stored in the camera, they can then be edited with the built-in software, no need for additional software. Then pictures can be added with stamps, sounds which are attached on the device. Picture of big sister added with super big square glasses or picture of mom’s modified added with pop out eye glasses or little brother’s grew two rabbit ears or just added frames to pictures. Those pictures can then be collated into a fun animation, added with sounds. A short story was created. With Playskool Showcam, children will have fun taking pictures and editing them, their creativity can be built here.

Projector Function

Finished with creating pictures and animation as a short story, children can show off their work with the projector function. Just one Silly button, to switch from camera to projector. Aim the Playskool Showcam to a wall or any other surfaces, and voila! Showtime! To get a good quality of projection, make sure that the distance between Playskool Showcam and the projector surface is approximately 24 inches. Children will love this function as they can show to family or friends of their work.

Print and Email

Want to send the pictures, to grandma? Easy, pictures can be printed or if grandma has an email, pictures can be sent by email too. Just use a USB cable. USB cable is not included in the package, but how hard it is to get one.

Easy to Getplayskool showcam 2

Looks like a fun toys to get for your children, but where to get one? Not to worry, Playskool Showcam can be found in almost all the big supermarket, Target, Walmart, Littlewood, a long list to come. Or online shop, like Amazon, ebay, etc.

Battery Life

Playskool Showcam runs by 4 pieces of AA alkaline batteries, which is not included in the package. Some of the reviews from Playskool users, says that batteries are drain pretty fast. Well, this of course depends mainly on the usage. A bit of setback maybe, but not a major issue. Basically, this is a nice toy, not just for fun, but it can also help build photography sense and the creativity of children. With the available stamps, sounds, short stories and fun animations, they can create and show a story of their own, and it will be fun for the family to watch their work.